ikea 9 drawer dresser


ikea-9-drawer-dresser ikea 9 drawer dresser

ikea 9 drawer dresser – Storage drawers really can help you get everything organized – in almost any room of the home or even in the garage. Many men and women are wanting to organize their homes, reduce clutter, and reduce the total amount of space that’s necessary to store items – which makes handy drawers for storage a excellent way to start a whole-house project for organization.

Plastic Drawers Optimal

While there are a variety of types of storage drawers on the market today, the most expensive choice is that the plastic storage basket – and this may even be the most lasting. While searching for drawers (if you opt for plastic drawers) you need to be certain to decide on a thick plastic which will stand until the test of time and be durable enough to be moved about from room to room as required. Plastic storage drawers work well in areas where there is restricted space. You could even find under the bed drawers which are helpful for storing things such as CDs, DVDs, shoes, sweaters and off-season clothes – in a place that’s seldom used for anything aside from storage. In the kitchen, plastic drawers for storage might help you organize recipe cards, cookbooks, or hold dish cloths and other cleaning things. In the bathroom, these types of drawers are helpful for storing toiletries or tub products.

In a baby’s room, it is possible to discover plastic drawers which will keep baby’s bath supplies and diapering goods handy – such as swabs, cotton balls, diaper cream, and even diapers. In the bedroom, you can take charge of your costume jewellery collection by placing a few drawers near your dressing area. Clear drawers allow you to easily discover what’s indoors, which is all the better for especially large collections of things. In kids’ rooms, you may make use of these drawers to organize matchbox cars, dolls, doll clothes, books and much more.


Metal drawers are just another option, but these types of drawers are far expensive and pretty much just used from the basement or garage area. Metal drawers are hefty, but they will endure for many years if you have a need to storage your gear or other heavy duty items inside them. There are specialty drawer components created just for resources which you might think about for these purposes.

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