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petty cash drawer log – In the modern times where space is a significant restriction, beds with drawers provide an economical and effective solution to conserve space. Beds with drawers actually add area to the bedroom by offering storage space for the bed linens, clothing, blankets etc.. Today when many homes are cramped for space, beds with any sort of storage is welcomed around the world.

At our site, you’ll find helpful information on several kinds of beds with drawers. The product descriptions and the reviews mentioned will come in handy and save time as you hunt to make your buy.

Full Size Platform Storage Bed – Prepac Furniture: If you would like to decorate your bedroom while incorporating space, these double beds with drawers offer you the very best solution. There are six drawers in all, three on each side of the mattress. The drawers give ample space to store more items. The metal rollers make opening and closing the drawers smooth and simple as the drawers slide across the rollers. The mattress measures 57 inches wide, 76.5 inches deep and 18.75 inches large. It’s possible to receive this storage mattress for around $300. This mattress does require some simple assembly.

Stratton Bed with Drawers: This mattress and drawers combo is sturdy since it’s made from hardwood. The mattress is available in white classic finish, and will match with the rest of the furniture of your bedroom attractively.

You can get these beds with drawers at the range of $1600 to $1700. If you happen to want accessories such as headboard, head mount, carpeting, etc, you’ll need to devote an extra $450.

Creative Interiors Sweet Dreams Storage Bed: If you’re searching for an economical mattress option for your kids, then these beds with drawers provide exactly what you need. The simple design and finish enables you to match the mattress with the rest of the space. The mattress has 3 large drawers where your child will like to put their personal things along with different linens and mattress covers.

Additionally, you can go for a bookcase headboard where your child can store personal things such as books, soft toys, etc.. This exceptional storage bed also includes a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Z-Bedroom two Drawer Underbed Storage Unit: Most men and women find assembling the furniture complex and time consuming. Powell understands this nicely enough and hence, these drawers by Powell come fully assembled. Moreover, you do not need to bear the shipping price. The drawers are pulled out and pushed automatically so you don’t need to worry about the drawers being cumbersome and heavy. You are able to purchase this mattress for around $380. The drawers can be connected to any of those Zbeds and this flexibility provides you many, many options.